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    If you are looking for some quality hen jewellery then we have a few pieces for you to choose from!  Each piece of our etched silver chicken jewellery is created by hand by one of our talented silversmiths. It really is a labour of love, and the result is a piece of hen jewellery that is truly one-of-a-kind.

    A unique hen gift for her

    Each piece of silver chicken jewellery is luxuriously presented in a stylish embossed jewellery box enclosed in an embroidered green felt pouch.  This means the jewellery is ready to be given as a very unique chicken gift. 


    Silver chicken jewellery: Quality chicken jewellery gifts for women

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    silver chicken necklace, silver hen necklace, hen jewellery, chicken jewellery
    hen pendant, chicken pendant, chicken gift for woman, hen gift for girl
    Silver Chicken Necklace
    from £149.00
    silver chicken keyring, silver hen keyring, handmade hen present, silver hen gift, silver chicken gift
    silver hen keyring, silver chicken keyring, hen keyring, silver hen present, silver hen gift
    Silver Chicken Keyring
    hen brooch, chicken brooch, silver chicken jewellery
    silver hen brooch, silver chicken brooch, bird brooch
    Silver Chicken Brooch
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