13 years of sheep jewellery!

My daughter recently turned 13, and later this year Fresh Fleeces turns 13 too! I remember vidily juggling a newborn as well as a new business...I must have been crazy. Although starting a business selling silver sheep jewellery, many people thought I was!

But the joke is on them as my little business, started in my utility room in between nappy changes, continues to go from strength to strength.

The range of original suffolk sheep was quickly joined by more breeds and some highland cows. Over the years more farm animals arrived in a variety of forms and more recently a selection of pet jewellery has been added. I've lots more ideas, and hope to welcome more animals later this year.

So if you have an idea for achieving something, no matter how wacky, I'd say give it a go. You never know where you'll be 13 years from now! Better that, than wondering what might have happened.

Meet all our sheep jewellery: https://www.freshfleeces.com/collections/silver-sheep-jewellery-gifts