Are you a Cat Person?

Cats or Dogs?!!

Or maybe like me you're both!  My first proper pet was a cat (well actually it was a frog but that's another story!!).

He was called Lucky and was the biggest ginger tom cat with a serious attitude.  He once bit me on the wrist just because I'd dared to stroke him!

When Lucky died we got a rescue Jack Russell and ever since then I've always had dogs.  But I must be one of those rare people who doesn't have a favourite and likes both feline and canine.

So if you are a cat person and you haven't met our small range of cat necklaces, do have a look.  We are currently working on some matching earrings and they are just the this space.

If dogs are more your thing then hold tight as a Jack Russell and Border Collie are coming to the Fresh Fleeces' Family very soon.

Enjoy your weekend