Come and see my etchings!

Today I had my iron out.  This is a most unusual occurrence in our house as I hate ironing.  In fact, with the exception of pre-important event emergencies, I don't iron!  My husband irons and my teenage son is in training, so that's plenty of bodies to tackle any creases in our home!

But today I made an exception.  The look of shock on everyone's faces as I took the ironing board and iron out of the utility room was something to behold.  Even Ziggy the dog looked up from his nap on the sofa.  Today I was making jewellery and that's the difference!

Specifically I was ironing etches I had created onto sheets of sterling silver.  Tomorrow I will plunge the silver into a bath of acid and any areas without an 'ironed on' resist will be slowly eaten away by the acid.

I describe it as a mixture of art and science.  The art bit I'm good at but the science is harder to master.  Sometimes I'm left with beautiful jewellery such as our Holstein Friesian cow range.  Sometimes I'm left with nothing as my silver completely dissolves as a result of my acid being too strong.  But even mistakes are all part of learning and I really love the process.

So if all goes well, then later this year I will have a few new etched pieces in the range.  In the meantime you can have a look at our etched cow jewellery by following the link below.

I'm off to cook some dinner - thankfully a task I love!ver