Coming Soon: New Dog Breed Jewellery

We've been quiet lately and there's a good reason!  We have been so busy in the studio designing some of your favourite dog breeds.

We have almost 30 breeds of dogs in our range but judging by your requests, we know we haven't covered all your favourites yet!

We have finalised some new designs and hope to have made enough for our online shop to launch them in late March/early April.  They include the much awaited Daschunds, Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and Beagles (& more!).

It's not an easy process bringing these breeds to life in a way that is instantly recognisable to people who own these dogs.  Our team of silversmiths had to trash 7 designs of the smooth coated Dachshund alone before we were sure it was just perfect...thank goodness silver can be melted down and used again!

We are currently working on Rottweilers, Pointers, Setters, Lurchers and more, and hope to have these finished late April/early May.

Many thanks for your patience as we add to our range...we're working just as fast as we can.

If you have a request for a breed we don't stock then do hit reply to this email and let us know...we're always happy to add requests to our list for consideration!

Our silversmiths can also make a custom piece of jewellery based on photographs of YOUR pet.  Just send us some photos for a no-obligation quote.

Meet our full range of silver dog jewellery here.