Dedicated to hand-making your silver sheep jewellery

Here at Fresh Fleeces we pride ourselves in making each and every sheep (and cow) by hand. Our business was built on the tradition of handmade quality craftsmanship and we believe the finished jewellery reflects the time and effort we spend on each little animal.  We could cut corners but that's not our style!  

So each and every element that goes into making a silver sheep is created by hand.  We start by using a handsaw to cut the main body and legs component from sterling silver sheet.  Each leg is then painstakingly cut with the finest steel blade.  The fleeces are curled and assembled by hand and then finally the head is cut from silver sheet.

We have taken some photos from a 'head cutting' session earlier today.  The blue sheets are sterling silver covered with a protective plastic wrapper to protect the fine metal from scratches.  The rows of sheep heads are the templates, designed by Avril, that we use to guide our saws.  As each is cut by hand this means no two are the same, and we love that fact.

The little heads are so tiny and the saw blades so fine, we really have to concentrate.  If we start to daydream about our next holiday or even get too engrossed in 'The Archers', a tiny slip of the blade can end in tears (and some blood...yuk!).

"Fresh Fleeces is a company specialising in handmade silver jewellery based on sheep and other countryside animals. Based in Northern Ireland, our team of talented silversmiths make the entire Fresh Fleeces range of jewellery by hand.  Our jewellery is the perfect sheep gift for someone special. We offer insured delivery as standard and ship orders worldwide.