Happy Birthday Little Sheep!

It's the 7th birthday of our first silver sheep necklace!

Our designer Avril has been making jewellery for many years.  But a long-time fascination with fine silver wire and a contrast of metal textures , alongside a lifelong love of sheep, led to our first necklace.

The first design was broadly based on the Suffolk breed along with a little touch of Shaun the Sheep cuteness!

It takes many metres of very pure and soft fine silver wire to make one of these pendants.  The fleece is carefully coiled by hand before the head and legs are soldered on.  One change over the years has been the addition of black enamel to make the contrast black of the head and legs really pop.

Each little sheep is made by hand from start to finish and we think this handmade quality makes each one unique. A certain tilt of the head can change an angelic little sheep into quite a playful character!

We have added to this range over the years and have sheep facing a variety of directions along with groups of 3 sheep that we call our Flock range.  We also have matching earrings, brooches, bracelets and even cufflinks for the men.  Have a look in our online store for the full range.

Happy birthday little one!