Jack Russell Necklaces

If you read our last email you might have noticed some new pups have joined our jewellery collection.  Black & white, gold and rose gold Jack Russell Terrier necklaces are among the newest arrivals.

Meet our range of dog jewellery

I was lucky enough to own a Jack Russell called Lucy when growing up.  She was the most loving dog, but wow she was a character!  Full on feisty when the postman dared to come near and would take on any size of dog in a scrap.

It was this character I wanted to capture in our new Jack Russell necklaces.  These quirky pieces are a real showstopper and I hope you agree!

We've got a few more dogs in the design process and are always on the lookout for new ideas.  If you have a favourite dog breed you would like to see then do let us know - info@freshfleeces.com