Jewellery that looks like your pet

This dog is called Schmozzle (what an amazing name!!), and is Niamh's beautiful pup.
Niamh's friend Aibhe got in touch with us and asked if we would be able to make a necklace that looked like Schmozzle.  She sent us lots of amazing photos and these gave us an idea not only of what Schmozzle looked like, but also a glimpse of her personality.
As soon as we saw the pictures we knew we had to capture the very distinctive way Schmozzle sat and also the subtle golden tones in her coat.
So we set to work crafting her from layers of sterling silver.  Her coat was textured by engraving the silver before touches of gold plating were added to bring out the subtle tones.
It was so rewarding when Niamh got in touch with some photos and to tell us how much she loved her gift.
She said:  "Guys my friend Ailbhe got me this of my most beloved pooch schmozzle I love it so much .. its the spit of her! And it captured her lovely quirks and beauty it's so fab ...Thank you."
We've now got a new page on our website dedicated to commissioned jewellery and telling the stories of lots of transformations like Schmozzles.