Last Order Dates for Christmas

In my heart it feels like it's still about September time.  Then one of my children reels off some startling fact that it's 'X' days until Christmas Eve, and my heart misses a beat (I won't tell you how many days, but look it up if you want a fright!!).⁠

Maybe it's because I'm getting older, or maybe just because we've been so busy in the studio this year...either way, the festive season has snuck up on me.⁠

So to help you and me feel a bit more prepared, I've compiled a list of our last order dates.  It's very easy you'll be pleased to hear!⁠

Order by midnight on these dates to ensure your jewellery is in the post in time for pre-Christmas delivery (and order earlier if you can as it helps us so much!)⁠
18th December - UK & Ireland⁠
7th December - Rest of world⁠

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