Meet the Beautiful Ruby

If you read some of my previous blogs, then you'll know that Irish/Red Setters hold a special place in my heart.  As a child a local dog called Rocky used to visit us every day and I was mesmerised by his long wavy red coat.
So when Deidre asked me to make a necklace that looked like her beloved Ruby, I was very happy to do this.  However, Deidre was a bit more hesitant.  She wondered how we would be able to capture Ruby's soft looks and it didn't help that my lack of drawing skills meant that I couldn't even help Deidre with some sketches!
But like many customers before her, Deidre finally put her faith in us and ordered her necklace.  I was so pleased with how the silver and rose gold necklace turned out, but I was also feeling nervous as Deirdre had such high hopes for the commission.
So it was a relief when a few days later Deidre emailed to saw her miniature Ruby had arrived safe and well.
"I just wanted to say thank you for the necklace which arrived this morning. It does really look like Ruby! The greying effect on her muzzle and around her eyes, the tilt of the head and the slightly doleful expression - you did a wonderful job to capture all that. I really appreciate it. It’s a lovely thing to have. Thank you so much."
There are only a couple of weeks left before we close our order books for custom jewellery until February 2024.  So do get in touch if you would like a no-obligation quote from one of our silversmiths.  Read more about our custom pet jewellery service.