Moo, Woof, Oink!

So a pig, a cow and a dog walked into the flock...sounds like the start of a corny joke, but it's a reference to 3 new pieces of jewellery we've launched!

The new designs are animals we get asked for again and again.  But we don't ever want to rush a new piece of jewellery.  You won't believe how many times we go back to the drawing board before we are happy to launch!  So the new additions are:

1) Two little pigs - just the cutest little necklaces ever and come in both a silver and rose gold finish.

2) Belted Galloway necklace - this is a stunning tribute to one of the most striking of cattle breeds.

3) Border Collie necklace - the 2 rear facing Border Collies we introduced before Christmas have proved really popular with our dog-loving customers.  So they are now joined by a new addition with it's white beard emphasised with engraved silver and sleek black coat in oxidised silver - a really handsome chap!

Do click here and come along and meet them!


PS A reminder we close 4pm on 30 June for the month of July.  Orders placed after this date will be dispatched when we are back on 1 August.