Pet Jewellery

Making a piece of jewellery that looks like someone's pet is both satisfying and nerve-wracking in equal measures.
We ask people to pay upfront and without even as much as a sketch for them to see.  (I can't draw, as you might have read in a previous post or read this blog post!).
It always turns out brilliantly in the end, as I know it will, but it's a nervous wait until we hear back to see what the customer thinks.
This week we posted off quite a few commissions, and the first email back was from Jackie.  We made a necklace to look like her lovely boy Merk.  It was so satisfying to hear we had captured not only his looks, but his personality too!
Jackie wrote:
"My necklace has just been delivered.  I wanted to write and thank you as you’ve captured him perfectly.
It’s undeniably Merk, not just in looks but his personality and attitude also shine through. I can’t wait to wear it!"
Our order book for custom animal jewellery will close at the start of November and not reopen until February 2024.  So if you are considering a piece for a Christmas gift, now is the time to act!
Simply email us a photo of your animal and I'll get back to you with a no-obligation quotation.