Rainbow Bridge Jewellery

Three years ago, I hadn't heard of the Rainbow Bridge.  I might have thought it was from a children's story...maybe at the end if the Yellow Brick Road!
Three years ago, we had just taken ownership of our beautiful big rescue hound called Monty.  He was the most handsome and kind big dog, despite his horrible start in life. 
His death was the inspiration behind our range of silver pet jewellery. I'm not going to recount his story here as I fear my Monday morning would be awash with tears, but if you'd like to read more, his story is on our website.
When we got his ashes back from the rescue centre, they enclosed his pawprints, some fur and a rainbow road poem.  Well, I cried for hours after reading it.
So when we get message like this one from Iris, from someone who has received a piece of our jewellery and also cried, my heart aches all over again.  Once for the pain they are going through, and also for the fact we could make something that provided a little comfort.
I know a silver necklace won't bring them back, but sometimes just the touch is enough to trigger memories of happier times.  I know this, and still can't bring to make myself a Monty necklace.. maybe one day.