Save this might need it!

Or you might not!!  I suppose it depends how organised you are or even like me how good your memory is!

I'm not sure what to blame it on, but I have gone through the last year thinking I was 46.  Telling anyone who asked (mainly young children or online surveys) with great certainty that I was 46.  Until my youngest was checking the other week about how old I would be when it was my birthday in April...and so how many candles we'd need.  It was only when I thought about it that I realised I was still 45 and had been for almost a year!!

So if you ever have a moment (or around 10 months in my case) where important dates become a little blurred then our Fresh Fleeces gift vouchers could be just the trick for a special jewellery gift.  Just follow the link below, click on the value you would like, in increments from £1 to £100, and they'll be emailed to your inbox straight away.  Ready to print and give as if you'd been prepared for months.

Even better, the recipient can choose at their leisure which piece of countryside jewellery they would love and there is no time pressure to spend them.

I'm looking forward to my last month of being 45, and one less candle on the cake than I had expected when my birthday finally comes around in April!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend