Sentimental Charm Bracelet for Two Granddaughters

I think most of us will remember out first pets.  That special bond we use as a reference point in our lives.  Happy, carefree times with a much-loved pet are memories that last a lifetime.

My friend Gillian asked me if I could make a piece of jewellery for her two granddaughters, who live in Australia.  She wanted a charm bracelet for each of them featuring their two beautiful and extremely loyal dogs.

These dogs have been part of the family from before the girls were born, and the love between them goes both a little pack!

Gillian wanted a charm bracelet that she could add a charm to on the girls' birthday each year, as a very special memento of their lives - telling a story and growing with them.

Making the little silver and gold dogs tested both my skills as a silversmith and my patience.  Cutting out such tiny details is really tricky, as is soldering them all onto the perfect position.

I suggested soldering the charms permanently to the silver bracelet as this makes them extremely secure and they won't detach when faced with curious little fingers!

Gillian was delighted with the results and so was her daughter-in-law.  Gillian is travelling down under later this year, when she will surprise the girls with these very special gifts.

I really love working 1 to 1 with customers to bring their pet/s to life in silver and gold.  Hearing their reactions to these bespoke creations is such a joy for me!

 The time taken to make each piece means I can only make around 45 pieces of custom jewellery each year.  My April orderbook has 1 space left and there are only 2 slots available in May.

 For a no-obligation quotation on a piece of jewellery, just email me ( with some photos of your pet and I will get back to you with some ideas and a price.  No hard sell - the best bit of the jobs is seeing all your photos!

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