Silver Badger Necklace

Living in the countryside, I'm well aware that badgers can be a divisive animal.  But leaving all that aside, it's hard to look beyond the fact they are stunning animals.

Those black and white markings were just crying out to be replicated in silver and oxidised silver.  For years, I have thought they would look amazing, but I hadn't got round to making a piece of jewellery...until now!

When I moved home to Northern Ireland after years living in England, we rented a house beside an apple orchard.  This orchard was home to badgers and if I timed it right, I would see a massive badger every evening making it's way along the same path in our front garden.

It walked up the hill towards me and so it was this 'face on' view of the badger that stuck in my mind.  That's why this new silver badger pendant is walking towards the viewer.

Badgers are more than just beautiful creatures; they are symbols of strength, determination, and resilience. Known for their tenacity and protective nature, badgers embody a spirit that resonates with many of us. By wearing our Silver Badger Necklace, you carry a reminder of these powerful traits close to your heart.

Meet the new silver badger necklace