The Staffys are here!

We've had so many requests for silver Staffordshire Bull Terrier jewellery and now it's here!

Staffies/Staffys have such a bad press, but any that I have met have been amazing.  My dog Ziggy was particularly fond of one called Nanna who he met at the park this summer.  They raced and played for hours and I was amazed at the speed of such a little dog.

Our new necklaces come in oxidised silver (dark grey/black), silver, gold with a dark muzzle (fawn) and the cutest little silver dog with an eye patch (my favourite!!)

We can also make a piece of dog jewellery that looks like your dog.  Our silversmiths have made many pieces based on photographs supplied by dog owners.  Just send us an email to for a no-obligation quote.

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