This is embarrassing...I can't draw!!

Look at the picture  (it's 2 cats).  You'd probably believe me if I told you my 9-year-old son drew it.

The truth is it's my drawing of a necklace design, and one I actually sent to a customer.  But what's even more amazing, is that she saw past my lack of artistic skills and trusted me to recreate her 2 much-loved cats in sterling silver and a touch of rose gold.

Julie got in touch a few weeks ago and asked about commissioning a necklace.  I talked her through the process and she was happy with my ideas.  Then disaster struck, she asked if she could see some sketches of the proposed design.

Now I loved art at school, but I was definitely more of a maker than a painter.  I can clearly see the finished piece of jewellery in my head, but getting this onto that's a bridge too far for my talents. 

I cringed as I hit send on the email back to her for fear she'd run a mile at my 'sketches'.  I completely understand when people are paying a considerable amount for a bespoke piece of jewellery, they want some idea of what they will end up with.  So many lovely customers have taken this leap of faith over the years and have been delighted with the results.

Thankfully Julie joined this band of happy customers and now is the very proud owner of a beautiful necklace featuring both her gorgeous cats.  She was so happy she sent me an email when she opened the box and another after wearing the necklace to work.  She has kindly given me permission to share her words with you.

Two lessons from this:

 - You don't have to be amazing at everything in life...just the really important bits!

 - If you are unsure about ordering a piece of jewellery based on your pet, do get in touch.  We offer a no-obligation quote and if you ask nicely I might even do a sketch to make you smile!

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All the best


Designer, Fresh Fleeces

necklace with 2 cats

necklace with two silver cats

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