We'll save you money if we can!

We're a small company and for us that means every customer is a person that we want to make smile! We're also honest and if we are able to save you some money in the process, then we'll let you know too.
Take our commissioning service for example.  If we make a piece of jewellery that looks just like your pet, this will take time.  Our silversmiths have to design, cut out and solder all the components to recreate your animal in a piece of jewellery.
The results are amazing and our Trustpilot reviews are testament to this.  But we do have to charge a considerable supplement for this service.
But if we already make a piece  of jewellery that looks a lot like your pet and it just needs small changes, such as the ears shortened and a few variations in the colouring, then this can be less expensive.  If we think that's an option then we'll let you know and save you money on having the full commissioning service.
Often it's not possible, but if you ask us for a quotation we'll definitely let you know.  What's more, our no-obligation quotation service is free.  Email us some photos of your pet (we LOVE seeing these!) and one of our silversmiths will get back to you with your options...easy!
We were able to tweak our Cocker Spaniel dog necklace design to look like Lorna's treasured dog Gemma - you can see from her review she was very happy!