White Sussex Chicken Necklace

Recently we were asked if we could make a chicken necklace as a special birthday present.

We make all our jewellery by hand and having a team of talented silversmiths means we are able to offer a commissioning service to our customers.  Over the years we have made Belted Galloway cufflinks, Shetland sheep necklaces, not to mention penguins and unicorns!

But this was our first chicken and it had to be a very specific breed...the White Sussex.

White Sussex hen gifts

As soon as we saw the photos of this breed we knew it would work really well in fine silver wire with oxidised silver (blackened) silver details.  The red details on the bird are very striking and we really wanted to recreate these using red enamel.

The result was a stunning fine silver wirework necklace.  We are always in such a rush to get the commissioned jewellery pieces to our customers, we often forget to photograph them.  On this occasion we took a quick photo of the pendant before it was threaded on a sterling silver chain.

white sussex chicken necklace

Today was the day of the recipient's birthday and we were delighted to receive an email from her Mother who commissioned the necklace:

"Jane is delighted and so pleased particularly when I told her it was a one off, specially designed for her. 
It was the first present she opened and she has been wearing it ever since, the chain is fine, thank you. 
What a talented and clever team you have and your customer service is impeccable, prompt, friendly, informative and very professional."

Our team is delighted to have been part of such a personal and special gift.

If you are interested in having a piece of silver jewellery made to order then do have a look at our commissioning page or send an email to us at info@freshfleeces.com