Two cats for a necklace with double meaning

Scottie & Tinners

"I am already a fan of your beautiful jewellery and already own your gold cat pendant and earrings. Would it be possible to make a similar cat pendant in gold & silver which features my 2 gorgeous cats, Scottie (black & white) and her tabby & white brother (Tinners)?" Julie
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A two cat necklace doesn't have to be extra large

Julie sent us photographs of her two beautiful cats, brother and sister...Scottie and Tinners. She wanted as much detail as possible, but without making the overall size too large.

We crafted each little cat in layers of silver before soldering the pair inside a silver ring that framed them purrfectly!

Scottie was coloured by oxidising the silver and Tinners' tabby coat was oxidised and then rose gold plating was applied to bring out the warmth of her colouring.

Julie's cats were instantly recognised!

"I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!!!! I wore my stunning new pendant for work yesterday. I was teaching a Year 11 class when suddenly one of my students (and a fellow cat lover) exclaimed "Oh my goodness miss, that's your 2 cats!" What greater compliment to your stunning craftsmanship that she recognised the pendant as being my cats!!"
cat necklace, cat loss jewellery, rainbow road gift, pet memorial, cat gift for wife

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