Etching silver is a process that requires great skill.  Our talented silversmiths painstakingly mark out a pattern on sterling silver before etching the silver in an acid solution.  This process then leaves a permanent pattern in the silver ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

    Most of our etched jewellery has a brushed silver finish to let the contrast in colour and texture shine through.


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    Holstein Friesian cow necklace, dairy cow pendant, cow necklace, cow jewellery, cow jewelry
    Dairy cow necklace, cow pendant, cow jewellery, silver cow pendant
    Tiny Silver Holstein Friesian Cow Necklace
    from €165,95
    belted galloway pendant, belted galloway jewellery, belted galloway cow gift, beltie present for woman
    belted galloway necklace, beltie cow necklace, cow pendant, black and white cow gift, beltie gift for her
    Silver Belted Galloway Cow Necklace
    from €201,95
    friesian cow earrings, silver cow earrings, dairy cow jewellery
    Holstein Friesian cow earrings, silver cow jewellery, cow gift for woman
    Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow Drop Earrings
    Dairy cow earrings, cow earrings, Holstein Friesian gift
    Silver cow earrings, Gift for vet, present for vet
    Silver Holstein Friesian Cow Earrings
    Cow brooch, holstein friesian silver cow brooch, dairy cow present
    Holstein Friesian cow silver brooch
    Holstein Friesian cow cufflinks, silver cow cufflinks
    Dairy cow gift for him, Friesian cow cufflinks
    Holstein Friesian cow silver cufflinks
    belted galloway brooch, beltie brooch, belted galloway jewellery, belted galloway gift for woman, beltie gift for her, oreo cow gift
    Silver Belted Galloway Cow Brooch
    Holsteain Friesian cow pin, Friesian cow badge, Friesian tie pin, dairy cow present
    Silver Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow lapel pin or tie pin
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