A small piece of dog jewellery to celebrate a Gentle Giant


" I am sending you pictures of Jasper, the grey Newfie. Sadly, he died in autumn last year but he was my "boyfriend" from America. He was my friend's boy. We always exchanged gifts and Valentine flowers and I met him once." Ditte, Ireland
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Attention to small details are so important for a successful piece of pet jewellery

Ditte sent us photos of her friend's Newfoundland dog Jasper who lived in the USA. Jasper was Ditte's friend's dog. Although they had only met once, they had a strong bond and Ditte kept up to date on what Jasper had been up to via messages and lots of photographs.

When we saw Jasper's photographs we knew it was important to capture his distinctive sitting stance and kind face, as well as his stunning coat.

Although he was dark grey/black, these was also a warmth to his coat when the sun shone on it. So we created the Jasper necklace from layers of sterling silver sheet, heavily engraving each to reflect his thick fur. This was then oxidised to a dark grey, before a subtle layer of rose gold plating was added to truly reflect how he looked.

Ditte was delighted!

"I got my Jasper necklace today! I am over the moon and wearing it right now. I think I will never ever wear anything else now. He is so well executed and even his colouring is spot on. I posted it on Facebook and made a bit of advertising for you. Thank you so much and I will be back!"
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