Barney: The Westie Who Will Be Remembered Forever

This little West Highland Terrier is Barney.  Barney was Sarah's much-loved little friend.

Sarah contacted me a few months ago to ask about having a necklace made that looked just like her Westie.  I gave her a no-obligation quote, and link to place her order, and she said she would get back to me. She told me that Barney had liver cancer and had been very ill.

I didn't hear from Sarah for a few weeks.  Then one morning her order popped up on my screen.  There was no accompanying email and I had a horrible feeling that Barney had passed away.

I worked on Barneys necklace over the next 2 weeks, and every time I cut the silver, engraved his beautiful coat or soldered on his nose, I couldn't stop wondering how he was doing.

When the necklace was finished, I was so pleased with the result.  It was 2cm high sterling silver with a tiny pop of rose gold to reflect Barney's little pink ears.  I posted it off and waited to hear from Sarah.

west highland terrier necklace

Her email came the very next morning when her parcel arrived.  She wrote:

"Have just received my beautiful Barney necklace and am over the moon with it. Our little man passed away on May 3rd so it’s amazing to have this to always keep him close. Thank you so very much. Sarah xxx"

I was heartbroken for Sarah and her loss.  I know the pain of losing a much-loved pet.  Their lives are so short compared to ours and when they cross the Rainbow Bridge, it's so hard to say goodbye.

I felt privileged to have played a tiny part in helping her grieve for Barney and to keep him close to her forever.  RIP Barney.

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