Happy Birthday to Annabell!

The lovely pup in the photo is called Annabell and she lives in the USA.  She looks like she is having her best birthday with balloons, banners and a lovely pose.

I really hopes nobody tells my dog Ziggy.  He recently turned 3 and my children thought we should have made much more of a fuss.  But he got a good walk, a tasty dinner and lots of cuddles...everything a dog needs...right?

But then part of me feels a tiny bit guilty when I see other pets having such a fuss made of them.  They only have a few birthdays compared to us after all :-(  So I've decided that as long as he doesn't see this photo he'll be none the wiser!!

The reason I shared this, is that Annabell's owners asked me to make a necklace of this lovely lady.  She had such a distinctive sitting position and crinkly right ear, these were 2 key characteristics I knew I had to capture.

Using layers of sterling silver and lashings of rose gold plating, miniature Annabell came to life! I hope you agree that she looks almost as lovely as the real thing!

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