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What are the sheep heads made from?

When people see our sheep online they often ask..."what do you do to the sheep heads to give them the dark colour?"

Customers often think it is plastic, wood or even clay.  Actually it's silver...oxidised silver.  'What is that?' I hear you ask!  Well, oxidising silver is just a way of speeding up nature's process of tarnishing or blackening silver when it is exposed to air.

We simply use a solution that speeds up the natural process and reacts with the silver giving it the darker colour.  When the silver sheep jewellery is polished the heads and legs look like a very shiny dark grey.

In fact every piece of our sheep is made from silver.  Their fleeces, heads, legs, and even brooch pins, chain rings and chains are made from silver, just like nature intended!

"Fresh Fleeces is a company specialising in handmade silver jewellery based on sheep and other countryside animals. Based in Northern Ireland, our team of talented silversmiths make the entire Fresh Fleeces range of jewellery by hand.  Our jewellery is the perfect sheep gift for someone special. We offer insured delivery as standard and ship orders worldwide.