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Etched Jewellery

Made to order...just for you!

Did you know we can make a piece of sheep or other animal jewellery exactly to your individual requirements?

Here at Fresh Fleeces we have a commissioning service that deals one-to-one with customers to create pieces of jewellery you won't find in our online store.  You can send us pictures of an animal you have, or simply one you find online, and we can work from that to make a piece of jewellery from a metal of your choice.

So whether you want a pair of cufflinks with 1 Pygmy goat and 1 Kerry Hill sheep, a 'Love Ewe' necklace with 1 Herdwick and 1 Zwartbles...the possibilities are endless.

Our fees start at £20 on top of our standard jewellery prices so designing a piece of jewellery that has a special meaning for you need not break the bank.

We can even etch images of your animal onto sterling silver.  The image below is of a recent commission we made for a lady called Trish.  When she and her daughter moved home abroad they had to leave behind their beloved Shih Tzu Snowy.  Trish's daughter was very upset and Trish commissioned us to make her this necklace as a permanent reminder of her special friend.

 Hand-etched sterling silver Shih Tzu necklace based on a customer's photograph

Hand-etched sterling silver Shih Tzu necklace based on a customer's photograph

If you have an idea for a commissioned piece of jewellery then have a look at our Commissions page or get in touch with your idea.

Trust us to deliver

We know it takes a lot of trust to buy a piece of jewellery from us online.  That's why we have teamed with Trustpilot, one of the world's largest customer review platforms, to give you confidence buying our silver sheep jewellery.

When Avril, our founder, set up Fresh Fleeces she ensured excellent customer care was at the heart of everything we do.  She says:  "I get really annoyed when things I buy online are disappointing and companies are hard to deal with.  Buying a piece of jewellery, whether for you or as a gift, should be enjoyable.  I am a very honest and open person and that's how I want Fresh Fleeces to do business"

We have a no-quibble guarantee and if you are not completely happy with any piece of sheep jewellery you buy from us, then we will go out of our way to put a smile on your face.  And if somehow we are unable to do that, then you'll get a full refund straight away...we can't say fairer than that!

We also have no hidden charges and prices included worldwide insured delivery.

A lot of our sheep jewellery sales are via word of mouth and we believe that our customer service is what drives this.  Avril says: "If you are happy then you tell your friends and it's great to get that personal endorsement."

Trustpilot collects reviews from customers a few weeks after they have received their jewellery.  This gives them a real chance to wear our jewellery and give an honest review of both our jewellery and customer service.

We are delighted to be one of the top 100 companies (No 44 at the minute!) in the very competitive jewellery category.  For a small company from Northern Ireland to be holding their own against the larger businesses worldwide is a great accolade and one we are very proud of.

We have made a short video featuring what our customers say and we'd love you to watch!  As always you can keep in touch with our team by following this link.

New Fresh Fleeces Gift Vouchers

Some people are hard to buy for, and others you know exactly what they would like.  We have created Fresh Fleeces' gift vouchers to make sure everyone is happy!

Available in denominations of £50, £20, £10, £5 and £1, you can create the perfect gift for someone who would love our jewellery.  The vouchers are posted to you in a gift presentation envelope and can be redeemed online for up to a year.

To browse or buy a voucher just visit our gift vouchers page.

Come and see our new etchings!

Our head Designer Avril Manderson has been perfecting the art of silver etching for many years.  Finally, she has got round to adding a touch of etched magic to the Fresh Fleeces collection. Working with international artists, we have launched the first few pieces of a new range of etched silver jewellery.

Silver is etched by first masking areas of the silver to provide protection to the metal.  The silver sheet is then submerged in a bath of aicd that eats away any uncovered areas.  This process is a delivate balancing act...not long enough in the bath and the image won't be deep enough, while too long can mean the silver is entirely dissolved.

Once the piece has been removed and cleaned, the sheet of silver can then be formed into pieces of jewellery.  Areas that have been etched are then darkened by oxidising the silver and a brushed finish is the perfect way to bring the piece to life.

Each piece is handmade and the details will vary slightly from piece to piece.  You can be sure your etched Fresh Fleeces jewellery is a one-of-a-kind to treasure forever!

The first two pieces are now online, with more to follow soon.

"Fresh Fleeces is a company specialising in handmade silver jewellery based on sheep and other countryside animals. Based in Northern Ireland, our team of talented silversmiths make the entire Fresh Fleeces range of jewellery by hand.  Our jewellery is the perfect sheep gift for someone special. We offer insured delivery as standard and ship orders worldwide.