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Beautiful unique jewellery for sheep and cattle loving people...I just love it. Fabulous, couldn’t fault the company in any way. Well done guys!!!!
— Victoria Winson, Essex

Handmade by silversmiths, sheep gifts inspired by the British countryside

We believe your jewellery should reflect your loves and make you smile. Our philosophy is built into every piece of silver animal jewellery we make. Each sheep gift is handcrafted with love in our Northern Ireland studio by silversmiths inspired by animals of farm and field.  Whether you are looking for a sheep necklace, donkey brooch or cow cufflinks we have a piece of handmade silver jewellery for you.  Our quality pieces of handmade sheep jewellery make the perfect sheep gift.

Fresh Fleeces was established in 2011 by Avril Manderson, a jewellery designer well known for her quirky creations.  Using a range of traditional silversmithing techniques our range of silver sheep jewellery has expanded into other countryside animals.  Quality handmade jewellery and excellent customer service are at the heart of our range and we love to work with our customers to create new designs.

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You can tell it’s quality made. Everything was very efficient and the gift was very well presented.
— Becky Lewis, Dorset

The perfect sheep gifts for people who love sheep...and other animals!

Our online store opened in 2011 with a range of fine and sterling silver sheep jewellery. With new ideas and excellent feedback from our customers, our range has grown over the years.  Our range of handmade silver animal jewellery makes the perfect sheep gift for country girls and guys.  Even people who have never stepped foot on a farm tell us they love our handmade silver sheep jewellery.

Each piece of our quirky handmade sheep jewellery is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you wear it.

We don't just cater for ladies who love sheep jewellery; we have cow cufflinks for men, highland cow jewellery and many other animal jewellery gifts for dog, donkey and even pig enthusiasts!

Have a look in our online store and see if you can find your perfect companion!

 One of our silver sheep brooches

One of our silver sheep brooches

Drawing in silver

Our talented silversmiths have created a range of etched animal jewellery

The detail in this piece is looks just like a donkey I had as a child.
— Mary Overdale, Ohio



The Perfect Companion

Shop our range of etched silver dog jewellery

We ship sheep gifts, sheep jewellery and sheep jewelry!

Sheep jewelry

We ship worldwide and send sheep gifts, sheep jewelry presents (US spelling) and sheep jewellery gifts (UK spelling) to many countries across the globe.  Our sheep jewellery is very well packaged and long journeys don't seem to bother the little flocks!

We offer free insured delivery for our sheep gifts in the UK and we also subsidise the cost of guaranteed tracked delivery to the rest of the world.  We make it as easy as possible to get a piece of Fresh Fleeces sheep jewellery delivered to your door.

Watch us at work making silver sheep jewellery