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Tiny little sheep!

Tiny little sheep! 0

Our designer Avril loves tiny jewellery and has finally got around to designing a piece of sheep jewellery that's small and super cute!

This little fine silver sheep is soldered to s sterling silver disc of 10mm diameter and is the perfect size for that wear-it-everywhere jewellery.

Each little sheep is made by hand and even the tiny head is cut by our silversmiths from a sheet of sterling silver...a very tricky job!

Watch our for some other additions to this tiny flock soon!

Meet our tiny sheep necklace

  • Avril Manderson
We're spinning around!

We're spinning around! 0

Silver galloping horse spinning bead bracelet from Fresh Fleeces on Vimeo.

If you are someone who loves to play with your jewellery then you might just fall in love with our new galloping horse spinning bead bracelet.

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Me & Ewe! Say I Love Ewe this Valentine's Day

Me & Ewe! Say I Love Ewe this Valentine's Day 0

We love a bit of romance and our new 'Me & Ewe' silver sheep necklace is the perfect way to say "I Love Ewe."

It's almost Valentine's Day, but our sterling silver necklace, adorned with 2 fine silver sheep, is a unique way to express you love for someone else (or just for sheep!) at any time of the year.

Each fine silver sheep is made by hand by one of our talented silversmiths.  We then match them up with a partner for life, before soldering onto a sterling silver oval.

The quality silver snake chains are available in 16", 18" or 20" lengths. 

Prices start at £109.

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  • Avril Manderson
The horses are here!

The horses are here! 0

Along with an obsession for sheep, our Designer Avril has always had a love for horses.  From a young age she would hang out at her local riding stables, mucking out, feeding and riding the horses and ponies.

So this year, and after may requests from customers, we have decided to launch a new range of horse jewellery gifts.  Here at Fresh Fleeces we don't do half measures.  So as part of the process, our silversmiths have taken the traditional art of etching silver to a new level!

We hope you agree we have captured the grace and elegance of horses in the new range.

See our full range of silver horse jewellery

Video: Watch our silversmiths etch sheep jewellery

Video: Watch our silversmiths etch sheep jewellery 0

Etching silver is a process that requires great skill.  Our talented silversmiths painstakingly mark out a pattern on sterling silver before etching the silver in an acid solution.  This process then leaves a permanent pattern in the silver ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Most of our etched jewellery has a brushed silver finish to let the contrast in colour and texture shine through.

This short video shows one of our silversmiths oxidising (or blackening) an etched silver sheep pattern.

Etching_sheep_onto_silver from Fresh Fleeces on Vimeo.


Holstein Friesian cow jewellery

Holstein Friesian cow jewellery 0

The start of a new year is always a time for us to get back to the design studio and have a look at some new ideas. 

We have long wanted to create some Holstein Friesian cow jewellery.  The striking markings of this breed translate beautifully into silver and oxidised silver.

Our silversmiths worked hard to find the right design for our new range.  Each piece is etched by hand before the oxidised silver contrast detail is added.

We have 2 pieces in our collection and will be adding more items later this year.

Have a look at our new range of Holstein Friesian silver cow jewellery