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Holstein Friesian Drop Earrings

Holstein Friesian Drop Earrings 0

Our Holstein Friesian Cow range of silver handmade jewellery has got a new addition to the herd!

Following on from the popularity of our Tiny Cow Necklace we have added matching silver drop earrings.

Each piece of our Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow jewellery range is etched by hand from sterling silver.  The silver is oxidised to create the striking markings of this breed of cattle.

Have a closer look at our new Holstein Friesian Dairy Cow Drop Earrings.

Tiny Friesian Cow Necklace

Tiny Friesian Cow Necklace 0

We have fallen in love with the latest addition to our range of etched silver Holstein Friesian Cow Jewellery.

This necklace follows requests for customers to make more smaller pieces in our collections.  Each cow is etched by hand by our team of silversmiths, before being oxidised to bring out the contrast of the breed of diary cattle.

Do you know a special someone who would like to give this piece of cow jewellery a home!?

Read more here

Friesian Cow Earrings

Friesian Cow Earrings 0

We have added some cute-as-a-button Holstein Friesian Cow earrings to our collection.

Each little earrings is etched by hand from a sheet of sterling silver before the earring is created.  The dark markings of this breed of dairy cattle is added by oxidising the silver.

Have a look at them in more detail here.

These earrings match with other items on our Holstein Friesian Cow Jewellery Collection.

Balmoral Show sheep breeds

Balmoral Show sheep breeds 0

Our Designer Avril took a day away from the studio to visit the Balmoral Show, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.

She was delighted to see such a range of sheep breeds as well as other animals.  She said:  "I haven't been to an agricultural show in quite a while and thought it was about time for a day away from the Fresh Fleeces' studio.  I was delighted to see such a range of sheep breeds all competing to be crowned show champion.

"From the crowd-pulling Valais Blacknose to beautifully marked Zwartbles and stunning Texels, there was a super range of top class breeds on show.  I was also delighted to meet a range of goat breeds and even some alpacas!"

Avril made a short video of some of the sheep she met on the day.  

A day at the Balmoral Show from Fresh Fleeces on Vimeo.


  • Avril Manderson
Pleased to meet Ewe...the story of our sheep earrings!

Pleased to meet Ewe...the story of our sheep earrings! 0

This little line-up of sheep earrings have just met their partners for life!

Our silversmiths make each individual sheep earring by hand...curling the fine silver fleece before soldering on their head and legs.  This makes each little sheep a real one-of-a-kind.  But it also means we can't just match up any two!

Our silversmiths take a morning every month to carefully line up all the earrings.  They sort the flock before choosing the perfect partner.  Each pair are then carefully inspected and the final touches added to make sure they look as similar as possible.

It's a real sheepy love story!

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Tiny little sheep!

Tiny little sheep! 0

Our designer Avril loves tiny jewellery and has finally got around to designing a piece of sheep jewellery that's small and super cute!

This little fine silver sheep is soldered to s sterling silver disc of 10mm diameter and is the perfect size for that wear-it-everywhere jewellery.

Each little sheep is made by hand and even the tiny head is cut by our silversmiths from a sheet of sterling silver...a very tricky job!

Watch our for some other additions to this tiny flock soon!

Meet our tiny sheep necklace

  • Avril Manderson