Etched designs

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Etching silver is a process that requires great skill.  Our talented silversmiths painstakingly mark out a pattern on sterling silver before etching the silver in an acid solution.  This process then leaves a permanent pattern in the silver ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Most of our etched jewellery has a brushed silver finish to let the contrast in colour and texture shine through.

Our silversmiths can also etch these animal designs onto other pieces of silver jewellery.  Have a look at our commissions page for details.

Quality countryside animal gifts for him and her

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Holstein Friesian dairy cow silver necklace
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Holsteain Friesian cow pin, Friesian cow badge, Friesian tie pin, dairy cow present
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Silver sheep lapel pin, sheep badge, sheep pin, silver sheep tiepin
Silver cow necklace - Cow jewellery gift
Sterling Silver cow brooch, unusual cow gift
Silver 'Looking at Moo' Cow cufflinks - FreshFleeces, cow jewellery for him, cow jewellery, cow cufflinks, silver cow cufflinks, gift for farmer, gift for cow breeder, gift for dairy farmer, cow wedding gift, cow cufflinks, silver cow gift for men, silver cow cufflinks, handmade cow jewellery, dairy cow gift, bull cufflinks, cattle cufflinks, fresian cufflinks
Silver horse necklace, horse pendant, horse necklace
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Silver horse charm, silver horse charm bracelet, galloping horse charm bracelet
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76 results