Sheep Christmas Presents

Our Silversmiths Have Perfected The Art of Sheep Gifts...and more!

sheep christmas present for wife

Here at Fresh Fleeces, we specialise in creating unique handmade sheep gifts that make unique sheep Christmas presents for men and women.  From sheep cufflinks and keyrings for men to sheep necklaces, earrings and charm bracelets.

And of course it's not just sheep gifts!  We have cows, horses, goats and many more in our online collection of silver animal jewellery.




Sheep jewellery...the perfect sheep Christmas present

Our store opened in 2011 with a range of fine and sterling silver sheep jewellery. With new ideas and excellent feedback from our customers, our range has grown over the years.  Our range of handmade silver sheep jewellery makes the perfect sheep gift for ladies who love these animals.  Even people who have never stepped foot on a farm tell us they love our handmade silver sheep jewellery.

Each piece is created by our silversmiths using only the finest silver.  As each piece of sheep jewellery is made by hand, you can be sure your sheep gift will be a unique sheep Christmas present to be treasured forever.

Click on the images below for some sheep giftspiration!

sheep christmas presents for woman

sheep christmas presents for man

sheep gifts under £100

sheep gifts over £100

Sheep Christmas gifts based on your favourite sheep breed

Sheep come in all shapes and sizes and we have chosen a selection of breeds to to make the perfect sheep gift for her.  You can now find Zwartbles, Cheviots, Valais Blacknose, Herdwicks and many more grazing our website! 

These unique sheep presents are perfect for people who love more unusual sheep breeds.  We make:

  • Zwartbles sheep jewellery -  pendant, earrings and brooch...unique Zwartbles sheep Christmas gifts based on this striking breed.
  • Cheviot sheep jewellery -  pendant, earrings and brooch...a special Cheviot sheep Christmas gift for the lady who loves this inquisitive breed.
  • Valais Blacknose sheep jewellery -  pendant, earrings and brooch...who can resist our Valais Blacknose sheep Christmas gifts based on these sheepy teddy bears!
  • Herdwick sheep jewellery - pendant, earrings and brooch based on Herdwick sheep, a breed full of character...the perfect sheep Christmas present for Herdy fans.



Sheep Christmas present for her