NEW: Labrador Necklace Design

Thanks for Waiting Patiently! We know that lots of you love Labradors as they are one of the most searched for breeds on our website. We did have a Labrador necklace that launched on 2022, but it wasn't quite reflective of the breed as a whole.

Labradors come in many shapes and sizes. You'll have seen slim sporty Labradors at one end of the spectrum and then the slightly rounder pups at the others end. If you've ever known a Labrador, you'll also know they love to hear the rattle of their dinner dish! So to cover Labradors of all shapes and sizes in a full body necklace was too much of a challenge.

So for our new Labrador necklaces, we've focused on that soft Labrador head that they all have. The new handmade silver design comes in a range of finishes to reflect the colours of the breed.

We have also added a version with paws that looks like the Labrador is peeping over a fence. It was inspired by our designer Avril's childhood experience of her neighbour's dog Buster jumping on the fence for treats and a stroke! We hope you like our new arrivals, do let us know what you think!

Meet all our handmade labrador jewellery

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