Wire Fox Terriers: Dangerous Dogs?

Our sterling silver and rose gold Wire Fox Terrier jewellery is a year-round favourite with our customers, especially those who adore this energetic breed. However, it’s also our most challenging piece to create due to the intricate details involved!

Crafting these Wire Fox Terrier pieces requires a special cutting tool to replicate the breed's distinctive wiry coat in the silver. This intricate process demands a combination of protective gear and intense concentration to avoid any mishaps, ensuring the safety of our skilled silversmiths.

Each step in creating this Wire Fox Terrier jewellery is done with meticulous care. After carefully polishing, we add rose gold and oxidized silver to highlight the unique features of the Wire Fox Terrier. The final result is a stunning piece of dog jewelry that captures the essence of this beloved breed. Seeing the final product, with its beautiful blend of sterling silver and rose gold, is incredibly satisfying.

It's a joy to know we’ve created something special for Wire Fox Terrier enthusiasts while keeping all our fingers intact! Celebrate your love for Wire Fox Terriers with these exquisite jewelry pieces that are as unique and charming as the dogs themselves.

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